Finely Tuned Sunglasses Could Be The Key To Taking Your Golf Game To The Next Level

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There is a small collection of basic golf equipment that is essential for a round of golf: a bag of clubs, balls and shoes. However, any golfer who has decided that this sport is going to be their favorite past time quickly finds him or herself adding essentials to that list. Whether it’s a golf glove, rain gear, an umbrella, a GPS unit, or enough cash to buy a few beers from the beer girl on the course, very few golfers consider a pair of high performance sunglasses as part of their arsenal. However, ask any professional golfer and they’ll tell you that a pair of sunglasses with the right tint and a few interchangeable lenses can make a big difference when all that separates winners from the rest is reading the green precisely, judging distance accurately and taking advantage of every small detail that could make or break you on the last day of a tournament.

When you’re looking for sunglasses, consider amber lenses that absorb blue light. This will help you read greens better, enhance the green of the grass and the whiteness of the ball, and the blue sky will be muted and not as bright. Brown or amber lenses will increase contrast and let you follow your ball more easily in the sky. A gray or G-15 green-gray lens will give you true color perception if that is what you prefer, but many golfers will choose amber lenses with a polarized coating to reduce glare, especially off of water hazards and other slick surfaces.

In addition to contrast and perception, UV protection is critical to consider. No matter if you are just a weekend warriors or a true enthusiast out on the course several times a week, exposing your eyes to prolonged UV exposure can lead to problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer, and is one of the leading causes of eyesight loss among senior American citizens. Spending a little extra on sunglasses that provide protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays can be worth it in the long run if you think you’re going to be outside often. Cheap sunglasses don’t protect you from UVA rays, which can be the most damaging when exposed. Look for sunglasses rated to provide protection of UV 400 or higher, as this defines their protection in the range that includes all UV rays.

When you are golfing, consider a frame style that won’t break into your line of sight while you’re hitting the ball. There are enough factors to consider when you’re trying to hit that perfect shot, or to get yourself out of trouble, and having to cross a frame with your eye while you’re hitting that ball is a distraction you don’t need. Consider glasses that are frameless or have an invisible lower frame edge, or oversized frames that drop the lower edge below your line of sight. In addition, make sure the frames fit you properly so you don’t have to worry about the sunglasses sliding down and off your face while you’re looking down and addressing your golf ball.

Many golfers today don’t realize that the right pair of sunglasses can help their game, and that the wrong pair of sunglasses can actually hurt their game. If you’re looking for ways to tweak a golf outing that already goes well for you most of the time, consider purchasing sunglasses like the pros do and set yourself apart from the rest of the local field at your home course!

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