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Gucci is well-known for its high-end products, which are luxurious and sexy. To the upper class, it is a symbol of status and fortune. It combines the refined aesthetic of English nobility, exclusive materials, and master craftsmanship. You may already be very familiar with Gucci handbag and Gucci scarves, however, there is still a treasure that you may have not discovered: Gucci shoes collection.

I heard a saying the other day: a women always lack a pair of shoes. It may be a exaggeration, but it also implies something true. Women do have a lot of shoes, but they definitely need a pair of shoes for every occasion there is. You need one pair for dating, one pair for shopping, one pair for exercising. I can go on. The reason why women are so addicted to buying shoes is that a great pair of shoes can transform any outfit into a look that is too fabulous to resist.

Following are some pair of classic shoes released by Gucci.

The first one, “Janis”high heel cuffed boot. The boot is hand stitched, and decorated by tassels with bamboo detail. The leather is in light brown pebbled pattern, and dark brown ones are also available in Gucci. All depends on your preference. While the hardware is gold reminding people of the warm sunshine. A 105mm heel will serves as a foil to your willowy and slender figure, which is particularly true when you are wearing capris. The “Jenis” is definitely a must for dating.

The second one, “Babouska”mid heel pumps. This pair of pumps are made of black leather, while the hardware is made of antique brass. The compliment should go to the heart-shaped Gucci crest detail, which is really delicate. A 85mm heel is the optimum height for daily wearing. This black pumps is a good companion for your ensemble costume because it is dressy yet not dull. The “Babouska”is a must for office lady.

The third one, “Board”slip-on sneakers. This pair of sneakers are made of white nylon with all over tattoo print. The sneakers are covered with signature colorful web detail,and the leather trim is red. Have a look at the bright red, green and blue pattern, isn’t pretty and cute? The sneakers will out pour your vitality and brings your easy breezy mood.

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