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There was a time when the need to use prescription glasses filled the wearer with despair. Apart from knowing your sight was not as good as it used to be it also meant – you couldn’t be fashionable. There was an underlying culture that stated people who wore glasses were of a certain personality type and that wearing glasses were just not attractive.

How times have changed!

Now it is quite clear that the glasses you wear are as much a fashion statement as the way you wear your hair. Because they an intrinsic part of our modern society they are often seen as a fashionable asset rather than something that should be hidden away and be ashamed of.

But how do you ensure the glasses frames you buy are in fashion and are suitable for your appearance and will project your personality? How do you know the glasses frames you buy fall in with the current fashion trends?

Aviator Glasses have the double effect of being fashionable and retro at the same time -brow styles have re-emerged as very popular. They are so called due to the wide bottoms and because they resemble the sunglasses traditionally worn by aircraft pilots. They are made both with metal and plastic frames and variable lens colours. Because they are reminiscent of a male activity they are immediately masculine and superbly vintage in their looks.

Style in glasses frames means daring to go bold. Laminated plastics with strong patterns on the arms can not only look ultra-fashionable but elegant as well. Classic shapes in tortoise patterns also are likely to remain in style for a long time. And as we leave the old National health frames behind we also go retro! The big black plastic frames resembling the days of the 50’s have returned.

Rimless glasses are very much in fashion at the moment for both genders and not only are they great as far as utility goes (light and easy to carry around) they are also wonderfully minimalist and classy – for a woman they give an element of elegance, intellect and depth.

The small rimless round glasses are still popular with both men and women. Originally made famous by John Lennon in the sixties they proffer an image of both intellectualism, and an artistic and aesthetic personality. As with all glasses frames it is necessary to choose frames which match your facial make up. For instance small glasses for a small face will match well.

Titanium is a relatively new product used in the manufacture of glasses frames and popular not just for their stylish appearance but also because they are so useable in everyday activities. This material is super-lightweight and perfect for hobbies and a busy working life.

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