Eyeglasses Frame Dimension – The Right Frame For the Right Head

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There is a lot to consider when deciding on an eyeglasses frame dimension. Glasses should always be comfortable and sit lightly on your head but firmly enough so you feel confident performing all of your daily tasks. The right dimension is the key to eyeglass comfort. Even if you only wear your glasses for reading or while at the computer it is still important to feel comfortable. The last thing you want to do is be worried about your glasses. Thinking about your glasses constantly would be a real pain.

The only way to find out the right eyeglasses frame dimension for you is to try on many different frames before making a decision. Keep in mind there is some latitude for the optician to change frames by bending and tweaking them a bit, however don’t take that to the extreme. If a frame feels way off before any adjustments then you need to take that pair off your list. When you try on the frames they should sit well on your nose and should not slide down easily. They should also feel good behind your ears. They should be snug without putting undue pressure on the back of your ears. Try this test, if you look down your glasses shouldn’t slide down your nose.

There is of course a style element to eyeglasses frame dimension in regards to the size of the lens area. About a decade ago very small frames were in style and that is great if you are comfortable with a very small viewing area in your prescription glasses. But, if you like to have a larger viewing area then bigger frames are in order. Your doctor can make suggestions on what would be right for your particular vision issue. Some prescriptions don’t work well in small frame dimensions. Remember that light is good. These days you can get all kinds of durable frames that are lightweight. So, yes there is a lot to think about regarding eyeglasses frame dimension but with a little patience and effort the perfect frames are out there just for you. As long as you take the time try on frames and get some advice from your optician you will make the right decision and your glasses should feel like a part of your body. Your glasses are an extension of yourself and getting the right frames is very important for sure.

write by Sarah Rounsville


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