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Some people believe that a hot air balloon Temecula adventure is too far fetched of an outing to share with family and friends, in terms of price and possibility. As a resident or visitor of Temecula, you can enjoy some of the breathtaking sights while soaring above treetops and magical vineyards for reasonable prices. Today, an increasing amount of people are discovering the excitement and mesmerizing Southern Californian scenery in a basket built for two, four, and up to ten passengers. You never know what you are going to get when booking a hot air balloon Temecula extravaganza for your next voyage in the sky.

There is just something about embarking on a hot air balloon Temecula journey that helps you find the nerve to accomplish things you never thought possible. Perhaps you have an engagement ring that has been burning a hole in your pocket for weeks. Step into one of the colorful contraptions offered at an assortment of businesses about town and somehow, popping the question does not seem so difficult anymore. Maybe you would like to create the perfect moment for a birthday getaway for two. I think an exquisite gourmet picnic held under the lull of enchanting trees and surrounded by grassy hideaways sounds highly romantic.

The Typical Hot Air Balloon Temecula Price

When taking into consideration the extra perks afforded to passengers of a hot air balloon ride in Temecula, creating a memory that lasts a lifetime is quite affordable. Champagne, tasty snacks, and optional tethered flights (for the apprehensive) are all offered throughout the Southern California region. The average price for a regular hot air balloon Temecula ride is $150 per person. However, many companies in the region run specials throughout the year.

If you are planning a balloon ride for a handful of friends (a perfect team building exercise for company employees), group rates are offered for 10 passenger flights. Also, keep in mind that it costs a little extra to enjoy an adventure in the evening. For a small fee, some companies also supply special arrangements for holidays and other special yearly celebrations like Valentines Day, anniversaries, and birthdays, which may also include flowers and signs.

What to Expect

It is quite normal to experience a few first time jitters when approaching a balloon ride in Temecula, as you will rise high above the comforts of land. However, a little preparation goes a long way and the more you research the ins and outs of this special kind of journey, the more at ease you will feel when it comes time to step into the basket. Typical launches take place at dawn or just before dusk because the winds provide the most favorable conditions at this time.

Many people wonder what to wear on such an adventure and I usually suggest bringing along a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a light jacket. At first, the inside of a hot air balloon basket is rather warm, but wait until you reach a couple of thousand feet into the air. The temperature change will surprise you! A trusty camera hanging around your neck also makes the perfect accessory, as the panoramic views of the sensational Temecula Valley scenery is truly an experience you will want colorful memories of.

Another burning question is how long a unique flight in the air takes. Hot air balloon rides usually last about an hour. However, D&D Ballooning in Temecula provides a complete three and a half hour experience for you to take pleasure in.

Celebrate the Beauty of a Temecula Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon Temecula experiences has become so popular throughout the region; an entire festival is centered on the event that takes place each year. The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival [ held at Lake Skinner is a June delight that brings in locals and visitors from all over the country. After experiencing a journey in the sky, there is no better welcome back to earth than to settle into an assortment of food, friends, entertainment, art, and delicious blends of local wines.

Temecula Hot Air Balloon Companies

In order to experience this journey of a lifetime, locating a reputable company is a must. In Temecula, not every establishment offers the same perks and prices. Do you want a nice glass of champagne after your adventure? What happens just before a flight ends? Who provides mementos, such as certificates that commemorate this unique event? With marriage proposal [ packages and private charters for two, Temecula is home to D & D Ballooning; California Dreamin; Great American Balloon Company; and Magical Adventures (situated at the Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyard).

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