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Nothing says class and distinction like the Eddie Bauer brand. The signature products that are signed with this name boast that they are the best of the line. The owner of the products projects to the public that they have good taste and can afford it. Eddie Bauer has recently come out with a full line of baby gear. Now the child in your life can bear the famous name on their own traveling gear when they are out and about with mom and dad. Your child will be traveling with some of the best baby gear on the market and with a name like Eddie Bauer; you know that you have bought the best.

Imagine your baby in a sleek stroller that has some the latest fabric fashions and the most modern conveniences for your child’s safety and comfort. Built for durability, comfort, and style, Eddie Bauer strollers can handle most. These fine strollers not only keep your baby safe, but it can give them comfort when you take the stroller off the side walk and across the park or other non-paved surface. Most of the stroller styles are available for a single child, but they do offer a tandem style that will allow you to push two babies or toddlers at the same time.

If you like real versatility, Eddie Bauer baby gear offers a convertible car seat that can accommodate your growing child from birth through the school-age years. With three different conversions, the car seat can serve as rear facing car seat for infants, a front facing car seat for toddlers, and a belt positioned car seat for the older child. It changes as your child grows both in size and in age. The car seat even has an adjustable head pillow that will allow your child more comfort and more cushion in case of accidents. Most of these great car seats have a removable drink holder that allows you the choice of letting your child have their drink next to them or not.

Eddie Bauer baby gear even comes with a high back booster seat. This booster seat is great for riding in the car or napping while traveling. Your toddler will ride safe with a five point safety harness and positioning is available toward the front or the back. The armrests move so you can move your child in and out of the seat with safety and without the child catching or pinching their skin on the seat. The seat is easily removed from your car seat with the snap of latch.

So if you are a parent and want a baby product you know that is high quality, safe, and durable, you might to seriously think about a product from the Eddie Bauer baby gear collection. The quality is top notch and the accessories that you can receive on your purchase is some of the most imaginative and useful accessories on the market. You can beat the quality for the value.

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