Do You Know These Amazing Facts About Leather Handbags?

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Leather Handbags are a real status symbol. As most people know, a women’s life is usually contained in her purse. There you can find her most important objects, photos of loved ones, money, tissues for a runny nose or tears for a broken heart. In many cases a small snack, bandaid, sunglasses, and car keys are also located in this magic “bag of tricks”. Many women refuse to let their children or even their spouse go poking about in their handbag.

It is safe to say, a purse is not just a fashion accessory, it is a combination traveling companion – first aid kit. For this among other reasons, when a woman chooses a fashion accessory handbag, it is a very important decision.

Some of the best manufacturers use leather, so the bag will remain strong and sturdy through even years of usage. When it comes to a truly functional bag used for everyday, it should be truly compatible.

If the woman prefers to have hands free to help toddlers across the street, a handbag with a long leash that crosses over the opposite shoulder and lands near the hips is sometimes the most ideal. There are clutch styles, as well as those with a short handle that dangle on the forearm, which is OK if they are not overfilled, otherwise they can be too heavy and cause discomfort.

Neutral colors are preferred but with a touch of pizazz – this enables the woman to think of the purse as her old standby, but a snazzy clasp or stitched design gives it a touch of authentic style and unique charm.

The most famous of all leather handbag manufacturers includes Dooney & Bourke. Some of the best handbag manufacturers chemically treat the leather beforehand to be weather and stain resistant, and Dooney & Burke are no exception. The All-Weather Leather Bag (AWL) was released in 1983, and since then the company has continued to come out with both attractive and practical creations.

This firm uses a mallard duck as its logo. Known for its upper end quality handbags, each may be considered an investment that few women would ever regret making. While retaining a youthful charm, it is an adult purse for those who like understated quality and know that the purse will last for years.

Since the introduction of the Emma Bag, named after Julia Roberts’ niece Emma Roberts, the firm has experienced blockbuster success, often featured in the top fashion magazines. Since the introduction of new designer Hayden Pantierri, the patent leather Chiarra Bag is the latest addition to the D&B success story. Actresses who have been seen wearing these bags include Lindsey Lohan, Mischa Barton and Emma Roberts herself.

Dooney & Bourke began business operations in Connecticut back in 1975. In those days, its founders specialized in belts and trendy suspenders. Since then, the firm has expanded considerably, focusing mainly on creating signature handbags. Since the early 1980s, they sold their wares in high end department stores, like Nordstrom’s. With its flagship office on 6th Avenue i New York City’s trendy garment district, the firm has showrooms all over the United States, including Texas, California, and Hawaii. In recent years, D & B expanded internationally, opening stores in Tokyo, Japan, and in Macau, China.

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