Custom Printed T-Shirts For Quinceanos, Sweet Sixteen and Debuts

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Custom printed t-shirts are not normally worn in parties for a girl’s Quinceaños, Sweet Sixteen, or Debut. In fact, ball gowns and evening dresses are the popular attire because girls like to feel like princesses in one of their special days.

However, not all girls like to wear princess gowns and tiaras. Some girls like a simple birthday party to mark a passing rite for girls aged 15, 16 or 18. They rather prefer to commemorate the day with custom printed t-shirts for their closest friends and family.

Custom Printed T-Shirts For Quinceaños

A Quinceanera or Quinceaños is a passing rite for 15-year-old girls in Latin American culture. The term Quinceanera comes from the Spanish word ‘quince años,’ which means fifteen years. It is similar to other coming-of-age celebrations that have special dances and special gifts.

The Quinceaños marks the age when Latinas turn from a girl into a ‘lady’ in society. The rituals in a Quince, as it is commonly called, have both social and spiritual significance. Quince gifts are often religious in nature, like a cross or a bible.

The Quince clothes and decorations are similar to a wedding, which is grandiose and extravagant. This show of extravagance often colors the event wrongly, with the parents or Padrinos showing off the level of their purchasing power. The more expensive the party is going to be, the better.

However, not all Latinas and families are like that. Those who have less money or who prefer not to spend so much on a Quinceaños should consider having custom printed t-shirts as giveaways for guests. The name of the birthday celebrant together with the date and place of the party may be custom printed on the back or the front.

Custom Printed T-Shirts For Sweet Sixteen Parties

Girls in the United States and Canada celebrate their Sweet Sixteen birthday parties instead of Quinces and Debuts, which are celebrated on the 18th birthday of other girls. They used to be celebrations of a young girl’s virginity, but today they have become gross exhibits of opulence and extravagance.

Although MTV has made Sweet Sixteen parties almost synonymous with gross opulence, that does not mean a girl needs to be rich to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. For the girl who knows her real treasures in life, a simple house party with her close friends and family wearing custom printed t-shirts with her name and birthdate will be enough to satisfy her.

Choose customized designs for printed t-shirts for ladies, men and kids sizes. You can choose from a variety of colors and types of t-shirt printing methods, such as vinyl, screen printing and direct-to-garment printing.

Custom Printed T-Shirts For Debutantes

Debutantes celebrate their 18th birthdays, the legal age for marrying in most countries. They are presented to the public in a special party where young men of marrying age flock to see which of the girls are open for marriage proposals, just like an open market. But that was centuries ago.

Now, debutantes celebrate their birthdays just like a Quinceaños and the Sweet Sixteen parties. They have their escorts, a court of girls and boys of the same age, and a special ‘Father and Daughter’ dance.

Eighteen male guests, mostly boys of the same age as the debutante, dance with her after each of them has given a rose. This is called the ’18 Roses.’ The female equivalent, ’18 Candles,’ have 18 young women give a candle to the debutante. Afterwards, each girl shares her special relationship, joyful experiences, and best wishes with the birthday girl.

All three parties-Quinceaños, Sweet Sixteen and Debuts-feature extravagant gowns and opulent decorations, props, and venues. However, not all girls have the same luxury and opportunity to celebrate their coming-of-age parties with grandeur. A girl who would like to make her own party memorable should have custom printed t-shirts, either as giveaways for guests or a uniform party shirt for everyone to wear while wishing the best things in life for the birthday girl.

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