Contact Lenses – How To Use Them Safely

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The contact lenses are normally thin and curved plastic disks designed to cover the cornea that is the clear front covering of the eye. The type of vision correction a person needs, his/her lifestyle and the cost involved will play an important roll in the selection of contact lenses. In general contact lenses are a sort of medical device that helps in improving the vision.

Here are some tips to be taken care of while using a contact lens.

  • Clean the contact lens before and after use regularly with contact lens cleaner.
  • Do not exchange your contact lens with others
  • Seek the help of an optometrist or an ophthalmologist for fixing a fashion lens
  • Do not wear contact lenses overnight and past expiry date

Make sure that you get regular eye tests done to assure the continued health of the eye. You must always carry your glasses to wear in case you have problem with your contact lens. Wash your hands before handling the contact lenses. When each time the lens is removed, you clean, rinse and air-dry it. Seek professional advice before using any eye ointment or eye lotions. Apply cosmetics after inserting the lens and use aerosol products like hairspray and deodorant before inserting the lens. If you follow the above instructions, sure you will have no problem with the use of the contact lens.

Don’ts for the contact lens users:

  • Never sleep with daily wear lenses because it may increase the chances of infection and irritation in the eyes.
  • Never buy contact lenses from unauthorized vendors, from gas stations, video stores and record shops. Contact lenses are medical devices and they require a prescription before procuring them.
  • Never swap or exchange lens with another person. This may transfer the germs between persons. These lenses are individually fitted and incorrect fixing may cause permanent eye injury, infection and may be the potential cause which leads to blindness.
  • Never swim with contact lenses. There is a chance of eye infection from bacteria in the swimming pool water.
  • Never put the lenses in your mouth or try to clean the lens with Saliva. Saliva is not sterile.
  • Never use tap water, home made saline water or commercial distilled water. They may cause corneal infection that is resistant to treatment and cure.
  • Never rely on contact lenses like sunglasses to protect your eye from the sun. Use sunglasses to protect from the ultraviolet rays.

There are two types of contact lenses available in the field, one is soft lens and the other is rigid gas permeable hard.

Soft lenses are usually disposable after a short period of use generally every 2 to 4 weeks. They are made of a soft plastic and very comfortable because they hold more water. They provide ultra violet protection. These lenses easily absorb pollutants and may irritate the eyes. These lenses are real substitute for allergy sufferers.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are more rigid than soft lenses and are more durable. They are made with silicone polymers and allow oxygen to circulate to the cornea of the eye. They maintain their better shape. They are extremely durable and can easily be taken care of.

Coloured tints also can be added to certain lenses to make them easier to see while handling, enhance the eye colour and improves contrast for outdoor sports like golf and softball.

If you take proper care in handling your contact lens it not only increases the life of their use, but also ensures the safety and healthy of your eyes.

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