Choosing Sunglasses For Your Boyfriend

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Choosing a gift for your boyfriend may be difficult and stressful. Sunglasses are something that everyone needs. They not only protect the eyes, but they can help accessorize your look and complete your wardrobe. But buying sunglasses for someone else can be tricky. You need to find shades that he will like and will look good on him, and this may be difficult if you are doing the shopping without him. Taking a few considerations in figuring out which kinds of sunglasses suit him best will help you in selecting the best frames for your man.

The first thing you should consider when picking out shades for your boyfriend is the shape of his face. The size of the frame should be proportional with the size of his face. A man with a large head and features will not look good with small-sized frames, and vice versa. Many men have square faces, with chiseled jaw bones. You want to get sunglasses that will balance his masculine features. Circle shaped shades are good for men and people with square faces in general.

Ask yourself, what kind of guy is he? Is he sporty, conservative or a male fashionista? If your guy is the outdoorsy type, who likes skiing, hiking and other outdoor sports, then sunglasses with a wrap around band would be great for him. They cover the majority of the eye and keep it well protected in heavy sunlight. Rimless glasses would not be good for him as they can break more easily if they fall.

If he is the more conservative type, then rimless sunglasses are for him. They are simple yet functional, and can be worn in both casual and dressy settings. Rimless glasses are good for almost all types of faces, so if you’re really not sure what to get him, then rimless shades may be a safe bet.

If your guy likes style and is not afraid to be a little funky, there are lots of styles to choose from. Shields are a great type of shades for men who like a little flare. You can find them in different colors and shades. If you are feeling daring, get your man a pair of shields with white frames and tinted shades.

If you are able to dish out a little more cash, consider getting your boyfriend sunglasses with polarized lenses or lenses with UV protection. It may cost you a little more, but this will make your gift top quality that will last him a long time.

Consider getting wholesale sunglasses. This will save you money, and you can get good quality sunglasses without the extra cost.

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