Choosing a Toga Costume – A Little Background on the Toga

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Togas are most often considered to be Greek in origin and are usually associated with college sororities and fraternities. In fact, the history of these flowing garments may be traced to ancient Rome. Moreover, these long panels of woolen cloth were worn as everyday attire. Once Greek-styled, shirt-length togas were introduced, the more formal, full-length Roman togas were reserved for ceremonial events, government officials, and various high-ranking individuals. With the recent popularity of the gladiator theme in many recent motion pictures like Gladiator, the 300 and the recent remake of Clash of the Titans, Greek and Roman costumes have had a resurgence in popularity.

In ancient Greek society, toga style garments were quite often considered to be a less masculine style of dress, and were favored by artists and poets as well. Togas eventually became closely associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of frivolity and wine. This imagery is a particularly popular party theme, where togas symbolize merriment and fun.

Current styles of toga costumes are frequently fashioned after their Roman and Grecian predecessors, the main difference being that the modern versions are generally much skimpier by design. Although usually available in white, other colors like the red Spartan costume from the 300 are popular alternatives. A basic version of a toga may consist of virtually any long piece of cloth; even a blanket or sheet may work well. Another version is more similar to a loose dress or tunic. Finally, the shoulder area of the toga may be left bare, or the ends tied together to create more fabric folds.

Togas were originally fashioned to reach the calf or the ankle. For better ease of movement, costume versions of togas are often shorter, reaching just to the knees. Moreover, mini-skirt togas may make particularly attractive costumes for women wanting to portray a Roman or Greek goddess.

Although toga costumes are oftentimes fairly uncomplicated to make, there is a wide variety of premade costumes available for purchase both online and in retail outlets. You’ll most likely find a better selection of roman clothing online. In addition you’ll be less susceptible to a wardrobe malfunction with a commercially offered costume. Many styles are available for both men and women, and in different colors and lengths. Prices vary depending on the degree of detail and quality, but fashionable toga costumes may be found in the $25 to $100 range. You’ll also want to make sure you add some accessories like roman strap-up sandles and and ivy wreath to complete the look. Gold wrap jewelery like hanging necklaces and bangles will add even more style to the look.

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