Choosing a Glasses Frame to Suit Your Face

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Choosing the Right Frames To Meet Your Needs

If you have gone many years without buying eyeglasses, you may be shocked at the incredible selection that your local shop has. There are frames for every budget, for every fashion and for every face style. If there is one thing that the person who sells you your frames should help you with, it is identifying what style of frame is right for your face. The shape of your face, the size of your nose and the width between your eyes all need to be taken into account before you lay your money down on the counter. Here is a general guide you can follow to help identify which style of frames is right for your face.

A Hexagonal or Oval Shaped Face

If this is the kind of facial structure you have, congratulations. This is what is known as a well balanced face that has excellent proportion. When shopping for the perfect set of lenses for this style of face, it is important that you do everything you can to keep things balanced. You want to choose lenses that are the same thickness at the top and the bottom, as well as ones that appear to give your face balance on the sides. With this facial structure, you have the most freedom of anyone to use a style that is fun, exciting and new.

An Angular Triangle or Heart Shaped Face

If you have the type of facial structure that features a broad forehead but a sharp, pointed chin, it is said that you have a triangle or heart shaped face. You likely have high cheekbones and a distinguished chin. You will want to stick with frames that are light and feature as little material as possible. You have the perfect face for rimless glasses that feature no top or bottom lines, simply a small piece of frame that goes from the side to the back of the ear.

A Round, Full Face

It is always been said that those with a round face always look happy and friendly. If you are lucky enough to have this unique face style, than you should consider getting lenses that highlight your best features. Consider getting angular lenses that feature a distinctive, unique shape. Stay away from round or oval lenses as they will seem to blend in with the shape of your face. There are many different brands and types you can choose from, the final goal here should be to add sharpness and angles to your face since you don’t have the bone structure for that yourself. Don’t be afraid to take chances here.

A Square-style Face

You have probably figured out the pattern by now. Glasses need to add a feature to your face that you don’t already have. If you have a square face, you should consider adding round lenses, or even Lennon specs (or as they are better known now as, Harry Potter-style eyeglasses). You could even go with an elongated oval style lens shape to help bring out your eyes and your more delicate features. You’ll also want to go with a softer color. Avoid blacks and harsh silvers and go with a softer grey or colors like yellow or powder blue. Your frames should compliment your face while being visible enough that people notice and appreciate them.

The Teardrop Style Face

If you aren’t familiar with the teardrop style face, it is a shape that starts wide at the forehead and becomes less wide around the cheekbones only to widen back out at the jaw line. This is a very common style of face and finding the right style of glasses for it shouldn’t be difficult. You will want to start with a strong and highly visible top bar on your new frames. You will also want to find frames that have some kind of detail along the temple. It could be a design, a logo you like or some kind of stencil. This detail is used to give your face a degree of symmetry with your jaw. It wasn’t that long ago that these types of frames were only found in the kids section but more and more top flight designers have created proper frames for this style of face.

The Diamond Style Face

If you have a narrow forehead that becomes wider around your temple only to form a V shape as it frames the rest of your face down to your chin, you have a diamond style of face. Just like with the circular face, you will want a set of frames that feature sharp angles. There are many different frames you can choose from that feature irregular shapes. The more angles here the better as they add width to your face. You will also benefit from frames that use a strong top and bottom bar as they will make the top and bottom parts of your face look wider.

A Rectangular or Oblong Shaped Face

Our final facial style is probably the least common of all of the ones listed here. An oblong shaped face is longer than it is wider and features extremely similar width at your jaw, your temple and your forehead. To help make this style of face seem more traditional, you will probably want to go with a set of lenses that is slightly wider than your face and one that are deep. You may also want to pick brighter colors to attract additional attention to your frames, so if you enjoy orange or yellow, they will compliment your face well.

As you can see, choosing the right pair of eyeglasses for your face isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You simply have to identify your facial style and then get a good idea of what frames look the best on you. The important thing here is to not be rushed when picking out a style of frame. Try on as many as you like and follow the guide set forth here.

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