Children’s Eyewear – What You Must Keep in Mind?

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Children may also need glasses to correct their vision. They usually suffer from two types of vision imperfection: myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). Depending on the prescription of the optician, parents should choose appropriate frames for their children.

With the recent increase in the number of choices available for children’s spectacles, it has become difficult to choose the most useful pair of children’s eyewear. The best thing is to follow the directions of the optician based on the prescription and the type of power (myopia or hyperopia) diagnosed to the child.

Sometimes kids are asked to wear their glasses only when they are doing some activity that requires strain on the eyes like reading the black board in class and writing at home, or painting or sketching. Others are asked to wear them constantly.

If the power diagnosed requires thick lenses then the frames need to be small so as to maintain the accuracy of the correction provided by the spectacles. In order to choose the correct frame you should take the optician’s opinion. He or she will guide you through the choices available for your kid’s glasses depending on the prescription of the doctor. This also includes tips on making the thick lens thinner than they are in order to make them more attractive.

Although frames are made keeping children in mind specifically, most kids who require glasses want their pair of specs to look like their parents’. This gives them a grown up impression of themselves which they enjoy. Most children’s spectacles have frames made of plastic so that they are more durable. But recently metal has also been used for children’s eyewear. They are as durable and user friendly as their plastic counterpart. The metal frames are also known as “wires”.

The best substance that can be used for the lenses of your child’s pair of spectacles is polycarbonate.

o It is the same substance used to make bulletproof glasses and windows.

o It is the sturdiest material available for making lenses of spectacles.

o The lens is protected from scratches, frequent falls subjected by the wearer on the glasses, and the ultraviolet rays of he sun which are very harmful to the eye.

o Polycarbonate is also lighter than regular plastic which is an added advantage especially if the lens is too thick.

If the doctor has asked you child to wear his or her glasses at all times then it is a good idea to have a pair of glasses as back up at all times. In case the pair that’s used daily is broken or out of function for a few days the spare pair of glasses can be used instead. Using a sports goggle or a prescription sunglass is also a viable option in such a case. The latter is nothing but a spare pair of sunglasses from home having been coated with a film to protect from the UV rays. This coat of film can be removed at any time in case there is a need for a spare pair of glasses for your kid.

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