Chemtrails – Poisioning The Very Air We Breathe – Look To The Skies

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Ever notice a jet flying in the sky and how a line of white trails from behind it? Then see how it

disentegrates a short distance behind it? This is known as a contrail or vapour trail.

Now see the jet flying over head. Hey! it’s contrail isn’t disappearing behind it! It’s miles and

miles long! It goes from horizon to horizon. What Gives!?!?

This is know as a chemtrail. A trail of chemical being sprayed by a jet.

What the chemical is one can only speculate. Some say it’s aluminum oxide.

Designed to reflect sun light back out to space to reduce or prevent global warming.

Others say that it’s a virus, like influenza or something, designed to make the weak

immune system recipient sick. And some even expire. In an attempt to reduce the world

population so that the New World Order can gain control easier.

In some reports chem trails have reduced the population in some areas by

12%. Other reports and photos show how highly populated areas are sprayed

heavily. You could play tic tac toe in the sky. So much for a clear sky.

In some movies chem trails have been captured on film.

So the next time that you’re outside on a bright sunny day put on your sun glasses.

Peer up at the sky. And chances are you will witness one of the scheduled sprayings

for your area. Don’t be fooled thinking that they’re just cirrus clouds.

Following are several links to copy/paste into another browser window.

Many showing pictures of chem trails and several links to follow.

One even offers a chem trail buster.

We must put this to an end.

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Gas mask anyone?


write by Radley

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