Cheap Halloween Decorations For Your Home

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Your Halloween decorations need not to be expensive for them to be really scary. You can make your own to decorate your house for the Halloween. Creating a unique Halloween decoration is fun and exciting and will let you save money that you can spend on buying more candies for the trick or treaters. Here are some tips that you may want to try when making a distinct Halloween decoration for your home.

1. Old dolls or tattered stuff toys

Before donating some of your dolls and stuff toys, you may want to use them as voodoo dolls and zombies for this year Halloween celebration. To make them look a lot spookier, mess their hairs, draw suture marks using a marker and stain the dresses with red paint or water color; you can also add a lot make up under the eyes. You can use dark-colored crayons or water-colors to make them look like zombies. Transform our stuff toys into ghosts and monsters by draping them in a white cloth with eye holes. Add black and red horns to some of the teddy bears and add some fangs and red paint in their mouths. Position them near your door, since they will serve as your welcoming party for your visitors.

2. Cardboard Cut Outs

In a black cardboard paper, you can draw bat shapes and ghoulish outlines and then cut them out. Hang these cut outs using transparent strings to create an illusion of flying. Aside from bats, you can also draw a full moon and hang it up as well.

3. Pumpkins of all sizes

Carve small pumpkins with eye and mouth holes on it and place lights inside to create a daunting glow. Line this up from outside of your door up to the end of your porch. The lights that are emitted by these homemade Halloween pumpkins really do create very creepy effects. For the larger Halloween pumpkins, you can make it as center pieces for your Halloween finger foods when you are having a Halloween party at your house. This will emit soft light to your delectable Halloween party menu: red vampire blood punch, bloody tarts and eye ball cupcakes.

4. Creepy Dim Lighting

Lighting does really work wonders when creating a spooky effect in just anywhere. Prepare translucent colored papers such as red, orange and blue. Cover your lights with these translucent papers, creating a spooky feel in your house.

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