Bvlgari Perfume – Spelling It Is Hard, Loving It Isn’t

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If you majored in English, now would probably be a good time to leave. I’m about to introduce a new word, Bvlgari Perfume. No, it’s not misspelled. It’s an old Roman way of spelling Bulgari, and it’s spelled that way for a reason. I don’t know what the reason is, but I bet it’s a good one! You can spell it either way, and most people end up looking for Bulgari perfume, just because it’s natural to want to spell words correctly.

A very famous designer label, Bvlgari makes more than just perfume. Their line also includes sunglasses and watches, just to name a few. They take great pride in their products; their watches are said to be equal to Rolex and their perfume is said to be the only perfume to wear if you’re nominated for an Oscar. They aren’t quite a household word yet, like Tiffany’s, but they do have a cult-like following.

Bvlgari perfume is made with expensive and hard to get ingredients like roses. Roses? Aren’t they everywhere? Well, it takes about 4000 pounds of rose petals to yield one ounce of pure essential rose oil. Any perfume with rose included is going to be very pricey just because of that.

Rose Essentielle is one of the more popular Bvlgari perfumes, and though its main ingredients are scents other than rose (whew! can you imagine a bottle of rose perfume? Exxxxpensive!), it still has a beautiful rose scent.

One thing to remember about Bvlgari perfumes is the fact that they provide tester bottles for purchase. Most other perfume makers don’t provide tester bottles for sale. If you want one you can look on Google for them or you can search Yahoo, or other search engines.

The quickest way, of course, is to just head on over to a wholesale perfume store. It’s a site that offers tester bottles, opened box perfumes, and wholesale perfumes, all at a discounted price. The downside? There might not be a fancy bottle or a pretty box to look at. But hey, you’ll have the $100 perfume for $50, so who cares?

eBay is another option if you’re looking for tester bottles, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Too many scams and knockoffs abound, and it’s so hard to tell if you’ve got a good seller or not. With a discount perfume site, you’re only dealing with one company, every time you purchase. If you do go the eBay way, check the feedback rating and never send money by wire! Ever!

Price usually range from $90 to $130 (for Rose Essentielle) at department stores and as low as $50 to $60 (for Rose Essentielle) at discount perfume sites like the one below. Bvlgari is considered to be among the finest, so don’t be surprised if your friends gawk a little when you tell them what you’re wearing. Just don’t tell them where you got it, and they’ll think you’re rich!

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