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Bolle sunglasses aren’t for normal daily activities like window shopping – not unless you can window shop when skiing a mountain. These sunglasses are for top athletes or those that work in cold or extreme areas.

They can be found around the world, not just in North America. They have produced quality eyewear since 1888.

Hydralon Frames

The big advantage of using Bolle sunglasses is they use trademarked Hyradlon frames. This means they are not only strong – they are lightweight and flexible, superior comfort and a bonus party trick (“Hey – bet you 10 dollars I can’t bend my sunglasses without breaking them.”)

The frames also incorporate 100% nylon with adjustable nose pads and spring loaded hinges. When you’re wearing anything on your face, you need it to stay, but not dig into your nose. You can be assured of a safe, secure fit with this design.

When you’re shopping for Bolle sunglasses, be sure to specify sunglasses. They also make goggles, which are quite large compared to the same sunglasses. Bolle sunglasses come in three types – performance, sport and fusion (fusion combines the best of the former two groups ).

For these special sunglasses, you need to go to exclusive sellers. Perhaps the most well known chains that carries Bolle sunglasses is Dicks Sporting Goods store. If you go to the Bolle website, you can look at their dealer locator to find a seller for you.

After you finish finding and purchasing, you can go to Bolle’s website and register your sunglasses.

This requires taking a short survey on where you bought your sunglasses and what you plan on using them for. They also want to know your activities to help them focus their designs on new models. They have a strong privacy policy to let you know they don’t sell their customer information.

Bolle sunglasses are a leader in there field of quality sunglasses. There is stiff competition in this market by a lot of other designs. There features have stood the test of time, and its new features will keep it there.

write by Brian Brown

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