Best Short Stories Begin From The Heart

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Just as the heart is the life-giving organ of our body, so does the inner-most personal experiences becomes the life-giving inspiration for a great short story. Tucked away neatly inside everyone are one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It is the truths deep within us that give us the inspiration and initiative to act upon and produce our best works.

The reason this thought is so powerful is simply how it relates to the reader. Whether it is on paper, audio machine, or eBook on the proper digital device, the Short Story suddenly becomes something the reader can relate to.

The Best Short Stories become more effective if they come from the writer’s life experiences. The audience can identify with the situation and many times suddenly realize that they too have had such an experience. A similar emotion swells up inside the reader and ‘fuels their fire’, so to speak, with a similar outcome as the writer had usually.

Many times, even without knowing it, the writer has hooked and captivated his audience because he already knew what they would be feeling since his was one of a real experience.

Even with a made up fantasy, the writer still can tap into this powerful mechanism. The Greatest Short Stories can set off a powerful emotional trigger and give the reader such a feeling of identifying with another who has felt the same way.

Whether it be a very colorful character or a vivid description of the setting, the successful short story is packed with a powerful punch of vibrant and brilliant personalities that set off usually a very favorable reaction with most readers. Although it is impossible to predict for sure, it is easier to forecast how they will perceive these traits since the writer, too, has had the experience first and can remember their thoughts during those times.

Sometimes such a powerful development of characters and message can have an adverse affect on some readers. If it is a controversial subject, the same power will fill the negative feelings as well. Therefore a good writer will recognize this ahead of time and realize he has tapped into the very heart and soul of the reader. They are just as definitive about their convictions as the writer is. A good writer will help to channel any unwanted emotions into a well thought avenue in hopes to harness and change the direction of the unwanted ideas.

Just remember, it is important to write from the heart; but just as important to touch in a positive way the heart of every possible reader. And this, if done successfully, can be one of the most important tools any writer could ever use!

write by Calantha

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