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Give me at least twenty minutes with any new cancer patient and I can turn that cancer patients frame of mind into one of pure love and positive healing energy, guaranteeing that patient that they already have the best alternative cancer treatment working now right along side their team of doctors. I do this with hypnosis.

In 2009 I treated over 100 patients who had cancer with hypnosis. Probably like you these patients all were down and quite negative about their dis-ease but the thing that I found most was that these people where like this their whole lives. Instantly hypnosis can change all that and give your mind a break and to give it the positive injection that it needs. You can do all this and more with hypnosis right from privacy of your own home using an mp3 hypnosis download.

My favourite session for cancer patients is the ‘Cancer – Stay Positive’ session. It installs new thought forms into your mind instantly changing the way your feeling and the way you feel about your dis-ease. No longer do you need to have that terrible feeling and can have a feeling of strength and positivity and fight. And ahead of you is probably literally going to be the fight for your life.

We all know now the power of our minds and of our thoughts. Negative thoughts can create illness and dis-ease and positive thoughts can heal our bodies and make us healthy again. With a dis-ease like cancer you need to fight for your life and give the fight everything you have. In one corner you have your team of doctors doing their job. Without your negative thinking, their job is done much easier and their treatments have a much better chance of working.

In the other corner, you have your mind. It needs to be fixed first and foremost with definite healing and positive thinking which hypnosis can give to you instantly. In the third corner you have your intelligence which will now with its positive energies begin to feel out another best alternative cancer treatment. I recommend you begin reading anything by Louise Hay such as ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. In your fourth corner you have your friends and family fighting for you. But believe me they will give up on your fight unless you stay positive too.

My friend, your best alternative cancer treatment is right there ready now in your own body. Use your mind well and help it as much as you can. Hypnosis can give you instant relief and begin your new treatment and life right now.

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