Benefits of Titanium Eyeglass Frames

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Because they are expensive, titanium glass frames may look like an unnecessary luxury. On the surface, that opinion seems justified since they do cost a lot. On close examination, however, you’ll discover that titanium has a lot of advantages over traditional frames.

These benefits outweigh the high cost of this unique metal. So what are you missing by not using titanium eyeglass frames? Lets examine their benefits one by one. Perhaps titanium glasses are a lot more appealing for your lifestyle than you once thought.

The high cost of titanium comes from processing this metal which includes the welding of thin frame pieces, plating and coloring it. In frames, titanium can be used alone or combined with other metals where it makes up about 75 percent of the material.

In both cases, the frames have a high degree of ductability and malleability. This means the metal of the frame can bend or elongate without breaking something stainless steel and other frames cant do. This explains why titanium is perfect for safety frames, frames with very thin rims, and delicate designs.

Since they are 40 percent lighter than steel, titanium frames are ideal for people who hate heavy glasses. In fact, you’ll be surprised just how light they are. Never again do you have to suffer from carrying heavy metal eyeglass frames again.

Certain titanium eyeglass frames also bend and spring back into shape after being used. Thus, the user wont be bothered by eyeglasses that get out of shape. As mentioned above, titanium eyeglass frames are used as safety glasses since they are strong, non-corrosiveness and heat resistant.

With all these advantages, its easy to understand why titanium frames are gaining in popularity. Isn’t it about time you switched to titanium eyeglass frames today? Try them on for size and discover the difference.

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