Beginners, How to Increase Traffic to Your Sites?

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Increase traffic is the top problem faced by many marketers. Unless you have a deep pocket, as a novice affiliate marketer, you would want to spend as little money as possible yet increase your web page traffic significantly.

Honestly speaking, there is no free traffic in the virtual world. Either you invest your time or money to drive them to your site. This article focuses on 5 proven methods to increase traffic to your site without burning a hole in your pocket.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation used to be the key method used by many marketers to drive free traffic to their site. In recently years, this method is not as popular as before. With the major search engines changing its ranking algorithm so often, it is not surprising to be on the first page today and disappear from the search engine listing tomorrow.

In my opinion, you should not ignore this method of driving web page traffic. You should make sure that your web page is optimized with the key phase you wish to achieve high ranking. Commonly, this is referred to as on-page ranking. And this means that your title, meta description tag and meta keyword tag should include your key phase once. Additionally, you should use the key phases a few times as part of your web page content. Typically, you key phase should make up 3 to 5% of your web page content. Do not engage in keyword stuffing as the search engines will erase you from the virtual world totally.

Forum Marketing

The second way to increase web page traffic is to participate in forum discussion. Search for forum in your niche and participate in the discussions. The key is to provide quality solution to problem others are seeking answers. Remember to include a link back to your site so that interested forum participants can get to know your site, and most importantly the product you’re representing.

Link Exchange

The third way to increase traffic to your site is to exchange link with other webmasters in your niche. When soliciting for linking relevancy is important. For example, if you’re in the dog training niche, never ask for a link from a site selling sun glasses.

Here’s a tip for link exchange: Be personal. Instead of mass mailing, write personal mail to each webmaster. I find that personalize email tends to get better response.

You may want to offer a reciprocal link exchanges between webmasters to motivate them to link to your site.

Joint Venture Marketing

The fourth way to increase web page traffic is through joint venture marketing. Although this is a traffic building strategy allows you drive significant traffic to your site in a short amount of time, you need to have a list of subscribers before other marketers will consider a joint venture proposal.

Article Marketing

The last way is to write informative articles with a link back to your site in the resource box. This is an effective way to promote your affiliate site because interested readers are more like to visit your site and buy your recommended product, since you have pre-sold them in your article.

These 5 proven web page traffic generating strategies have worked well for many affiliate marketers and will continue to work for many years to come. But to be success in affiliate marketing, you need more than just concise step by step instruction to increase traffic. You also need an affiliate marketing blueprint that will show you how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

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