Baseball Sunglasses – Protect Your Eyes and Enhance Your Vision While Playing Baseball

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Baseball sunglasses are usually worn by players during baseball games to reduce the glare from the sun as well as to enhance their vision so they can spot the ball easily. There are also sunglasses for evening games that are tinted to enhance the lighting from stadium lights.


These sunglasses have polarized frames to increase the contrast between the playing field and the ball for a clearer view. Some frames are made of tough glass or plastic and the lenses and frames are curved to match the contours of the player’s face. Furthermore, they have a snugger fit compared to regular sunglasses so they can match the rough movements in the game.

Other purposes

Aside from glare protection, they also protect the eyes and the surrounding area from impact against bats, balls, and rough contact from other players. Tougher frames can withstand hard impact.


Baseball sunglasses can be classified in the following groups:

1. Structure – flip-up, clip-on, and slip-on

2. Color of the lens – yellow, blue, and graz

3. The type of lens – polycarbonate and glass

4. Frames – Carbon-fiber, polyurethane, and metal

Criteria for buying

When it comes to buying baseball sunglasses, make sure you check on the following things:

1. Ultraviolet protection: Make sure it offers 99% up to 100% UV protection and can block both UVB and UVA radiation that are responsible for sunburns and skin cancers. Darker tints don’t necessarily mean more UV protection so be careful in choosing the tint.

2. Fit: Make sure they fit snugly over your face. There should be little or no room for sunlight to get through and the frame should curve around your ears while the ends should be tipped downwards.

3. Durability: Make sure your sunglasses can endure hard impact and harsh weather conditions.

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