Baby Showers Games – 4 Ways To Make Your Guests Laugh

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Baby showers are always fun with different games. Having games for small prizes is always good way to liven up the party. Imagine a baby shower without games, it?s two to three hours of non-stop baby talk. The games keep the party from getting boring and allow everyone to constantly keep the fun going.

The prizes don?t need to be anything fancy. It could be a baby-themed piece of chocolate, a plush animal or anything you think women can enjoy. Some of the more imaginative gifts have been cute little knock-off sunglasses or pocket books, making women shout in excitement for the prizes.

There are many different games you can choose from when it comes to baby showers festivities. Try to get games of different varieties so that everyone at the party will find something they will enjoy. You also want to have games that require the guests to interact with each other. If there are many people who don?t know each other, this is a great way to get them talking.

Here is a list of games that you can choose from for a baby shower:

1. Gift Bingo: You create a sheet of paper with 25 empty boxes. The guests will write in what gifts they think the mom-to-be is going to get when she starts opening her presents. The boxes should all have different presents such as bottles, diapers or bottle warmers. As the expectant mother opens the presents and shows them off, the guests will mark off the boxes that represent that gift. Once someone hits bingo, they call it out and win a prize.

2. Guess the Number of Bottles: Get a regular-sized bottle and fill it with a tiny item, this could be mini pacifiers or jelly beans. Pass around the bottle and have the guests try to guess how many pacifiers or jelly beans are in the bottle. The person with the closest number wins a prize.

3. Memory Game: Show the guests a tray full of baby items. Have them look at it for about 30 seconds. Put the tray away and have them write down the items on the tray. The person who remembers the most items wins.

4. Baby Food Game: Purchase a few different bottles of baby food, remove the labels and number the jars. At the party, the guests are going to have a tiny taste of the food. This game always has a great amount of laughs and a few gags. This will make women have an appreciation for their babies eating such crazy food. The way the game works is you have the guests taste (sometimes smell) and guess the flavor. The person with the most correct answer will win a prize.

5. Don’t Say Baby: This is a popular game at baby showers. You get a bunch of mardi gras-style bead necklaces. Get the same amount of necklaces as there are guests at the party. The rule of the game is that no one at the baby shower is actually allowed to say baby. If a person says baby, you call them out on it, but not by saying baby. If you catch a person saying baby, you get their necklace. The way a person wins is by having the most necklaces by the end of the party.

This isn’t a complete list of baby shower games. There are dozens of other games and you can even make up your own. Try an ad-libs type of game where people pick words to fill in a story that is pre-written about the expectant mom and her family. You can have a crossword puzzle or a word search. Come up with different games so that the women at the party won’t get bored.

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