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The incredible success experienced by Baby Phat is surprising, considering the brand got its start simply as a publicity tool for a Phat Farm runway show. Phat Farm is a clothing line started by hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons and ex-wife Kimora Lee, a former supermodel. The line was created in the 1990s and features upscale hip hop slanted styles for men.

To make a sensation during a Phat Farm runway event, cute little T-shirts featuring the words Baby Phat were included. Almost instantly female celebrities and supermodels were seen out in the T-shirts and the decision was quickly made to launch Baby Phat as a clothing line for women. Kimora was put in charge of overseeing the brands creative vision due to her years of experience modeling with elite designers such as Giorgio Armani and her affiliation with Phat Farm.

Baby Phat launched in 1998, quickly filling the void for glamorous and chic urban wear for women. Kimora has used her expertise as a fashion model to create a brand known for effortlessly blurring the lines between high fashion and hip-hop style. As the director of the line, Kimora has emphasized using luxurious and lush materials to give women clothing that is sexy and sassy but still has the elegance and edge of styles seen in couture.

Clothing in the line will work for every girl or mature woman and numerous celebrities are major fans including Lil Kim, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Madonna and Alicia Keys. Styles from the line have also been featured in editorial publications such as Seventeen and Vibe magazines. The line has also received praise from industry critics for its boldness. Its runway shows are packed with a who’s who list of the hottest celebrities and decision makers in entertainment.

Women have fallen in love with Baby Phat because it has embraced those with curves. Outfits are designed to flatter all body types and hip hugging jeans are one of its most recognized elements. The signature item in the collection, are its incredible T-shirts which feature graphic foil lettering, and rhinestones. The T-shirts feature a variety of necklines, sleeves and bright color patterns. Just as appealing as the fashions is the brands distinctive feline logo which can be spotted everywhere in the line.

Baby Phat offers much more than casual wear. Lingerie, swimwear, jumpsuits, flirty dresses, pants, skirts, sweaters and jackets allow women to take the fashions into the boardroom, bedroom or club. Ruffles, studs, bright colors and unique items such as zebra prints and extra detailing on jeans are also standard. A look at Baby Phat would not be complete without looking at footwear. Casual sneakers, 4 inch heels and boots with metallic designs and glittery colors are another signature.

Kimora has cleverly expanded the number of females the brand appeals too by launching a plus size line, juniors and a girls fashion line. Clothing in the plus size line is designed to fit women up to size 24 and includes much of the same embellishments and sexiness. The girls’ line also provides clothing for newborns, infants, toddlers and older girls. Items often feature sequins, prints and foils but are less dramatic than those offered for adults and with looser fits and softer colors.

Currently Baby Phat is the highest selling brand in urban wear for women, with annual sales in the hundreds of millions. Kimora continues to oversee its vision and continue her quest to turn it into a complete fabulous lifestyle movement. To achieve this: jewelry, sunglasses, belts, hats, socks, handbags, luggage and cell phone accessories are also sold through the line. The Baby Phat Goddess perfume has also been a major success.

write by Jessica Reeder


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