Ardyss International – Ugly Lie Or Beautiful Truth?

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There is so much buzz about Ardyss International, so many questions about this company, and so many answers. Ardyss International was brought into the U.S, two years ago, already it’s hitting the nation like a tsunami. They have a signature product called the body magic, that is designed to bring a women down three dress sizes. They also have an abdomen t-shirt for men, that is designed to bring a man down a few belt sizes also. I know your thinking what is so different about this garment? While other shape wear promises you a smooth more curvier you, they only give you temporary results.

Meaning that when you take off the other shape wear, you look as did you when you first put it on meaning that these results were not lasting. The body magic is the only shaping garment, that it gives you permanent and lasting results. The body magic has Strong material, which makes it last longer. The body magic has prov en to take women down a few dress sizes, with giving an them an even body structure. Most shape wear does not have a medical code, or can not medically correct problems. Its has prov en time and time again to win over all negative comments.

There is no other garment on the market today that acts as a permanent, weight loss garment, that decreases lower back pain, position’s internal organ’s, and corrects posture. Combine with other supplements, such as le’vive wearing this garment for a 4-6 hour period, it has been pr oven that this garment does in fact work. Adyss also has a nutritional line and skincare line. The most popular product, le’vive is a high antioxidant supplement that has 25 benefits. Here are a few:

1. Fights Cancer

2. Aides Weight Loss

3. Enhances Sex drive

4. In crease’s Metabolism

5. Lowers Cholesterol

6. Lowers Blood Sugar

7. In crease’s Fertility, In Both Men And Women

And many more, this supplement has five major super fruits: Noni, Goji, Acai, Mangosteen, and pomegranate. This particular supplement has been know to act fast. Many call it the “Jesus, Juice”.While it’s not diagnosed to treat or cure anything, it has pr oven to work miracles. There are other nutritional products as well that are all natural supplements as well. The skincare products are all natural, meaning no harsh detergent’s, or animal testing for it’s products. The skincare products are made my by two of the top producer’s in cosmetics: M.A.C, and EsteLauder cosmetics. The nutrition and wellness industry is a trillion dollar industry meaning that is industry is not going anywhere anytime soon.

There are always new products coming out everyday. Is Ardyss a company that is so caught up on money? Ardyss offers a indictable compensation plan like no other,, offering a bonus of 500,000 dollars in power start bonus’, 10 ways to get paid. No pink Cadillac here, platinum Mercedes Benz and health insurance, for active distributor’s. Even in a tough economy, people are still defeating the odds in this economy. This company has product’s sell themselves.V.I.P red carpet treatment, 45 platinum president’s and a chance to a top producer in no time. What company on market offers health and full dental? Ardyss i not scam! Adyss International is breaking record’s wide!

The product’s sell themselves! There are people that left corporate position’s to become a part of this movement. What they have achieved in this company, they would have never achieved in in this corporate America. Through these trying times Ardyss as proved to be one of the most successful home based business opportunities around. There are three ways to join this company

1. A 35 dollar membership, which you can buy all products at whole sale

2. An atuoship 100 dollars month, which you get all nutritional and skincare product’s

shipped to you every month

3. Power pack 299 + tax which allows you to have access to the half-million dollar power start bonus and the10 other ways to get paid.

Either way it goes, Ardyss an excellent home based opportunity,don’t miss out! Ardyss is featured in a home success magazine for the month of,march. An appointment with Ardyss will change your life!

write by Milcah


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