Anti-Aging Tactics For Men – The Definitive Guide To Looking Younger As You Age

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In this article I ask myself, in aging, what can differentiate YOU from a guy that ages regularly without taking ultimate care of his body and face? What can you do NOW to differentiate you from your peers? What can give you that extra advantage that will gain you compliments as you age?

Ultimately the things that separate a young looking guy from an older looking man is simple.


1. WEIGHT GAIN or even a “FAT” out of shape body

2. Unhealthy,”dull” looking skin

3. Unnecessarily wrinkly sagging skin

4. Lack of facial muscle definition- Unnecessary fat around the jawline, chin and no real outline of a “sculpted” face

5. Double-chin syndrome- I see this in over 90% of “older” men


1. SLIM and maintained healthy weight and very low body fat percentage.

2. Fresh and vibrant looking skin and firm facial tissue.

3. No visible wrinkles or only a few small lines that aren’t too deep.

4. Definition in facial muscles- By means of high cheek bones,defined jawline,etc

5. No double-chin syndrome

So how can YOU as an aging man combat this “older man” syndrome from taking place?

1. Start staying out of the sun as much as you can first of all from the earliest point in life.

2. Use sunscreen even when going to your car to work and back. Yes , even 5 minutes of exposure can cause skin damage.

3. Use sunglasses whenever outside. This double protects the delicate eye area, the first area to show visible signs of aging. Do you really want to look your best at any age? Make sunglasses a habit! And plus, a good pair just looks oh-so-cool!

4. Increase your water intake daily. Drink an 8 ounce glass every hour that you are awake. Or around 100 ounces daily would really kick-start the collagen and suppleness of your skin. This will make you look younger within a matter of days. This simple practice is so often overlooked by men.

5. Maintain healthy weight. Make exercise a LIFESTYLE not a CHORE. Instead of telling yourself I “MUST” do it, tell yourself I “WANT” to do it. Pre-program your mind to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

6. Decrease daily caloric intake. If you eat 2000 calories daily or 2500, remove about 300-500 calories daily and you’ll see a quick weight loss within a week. Imagine what a decreased daily caloric intake can mean in the long term! Being slim is a KEY component to looking young.

7. Start a skincare program even in your 20’s. Using a quality skincare product with retin-A or a potent vitamin C solution can greatly prevent and reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that will develop over time on your face.

8. Performing facial exercises. Even at an early age this can help prevent double chin syndrome, give your facial muscles definition and even reduce under eye puffiness!

9. Reducing stress from your life. Stress can really make us look older, even more on the outside. Try reducing your stress by proven stress-reduction methods such as yoga,meditation, hypnosis, breathing exercises or even using a sauna/steam room!

10. Use your gym’s sauna/steam room three times a week. This will bring out the toxins out of your skin including your face and will make your skin look much fresher,brighter and younger looking.

Using these anti-aging tactics for men you’ll be well on your way to looking younger as you progress with aging and putting your best face forward.

write by Tim Marshall Jr


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