An Introduction to French Cuff Dress Shirts

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Many men associate french cuff dress shirts with 50s business men and black tie affairs, but in the last few years french cuffs have been making a huge comeback and are now even worn as a part of casual wear. But many men are overwhelmed with the choices that come with picking the right shirt for the right occasion. You might be asking yourself “what sort of cufflinks should I wear?”, “what color is best for this occasion” or other similar questions.

In the following few paragraphs I try to give a short overview over common questions related to the various aspects of french cuff dress shirts.

1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and can be coordinated with almost any outfit. At the office and other semi-formal settings, make sure your cufflinks match the color of your shirt, jacket, tie and pocket square. Classical colors are silver, gold and bronze with silver probably being the most popular because it goes for every occasion. For less formal occasions you can play around with the colors a bit. If you’re attending an event and you are not sure whether to dress formal or casual, silver is the way to go.

2. Alternatives to Cufflinks

In more casual settings you may opt for a silk knot or monkey’s fist. These also come in innumerable colors and several sizes. They were originally created as a cheaper more subtle version of the cufflink. If you feel too showy in cufflinks, a silk knot is a more understated look, so you won’t feel so ostentatious.

3. “Barrel” and “Kissing”

“Kissing” and “Barrel” describe two types of styles that french cuff shirts can be worn. This may sound confusing, but in fact it is pretty simple. “Kissing” is the most common style. Wearing this style simply means that the inside ends of the cuffs are touching. This is the way you should wear your shirt in formal occasions. For informal situations, people prefer the “Barrel” style. This simply means that you let the ends overlap which give it a more casual appearance and makes it look like a normal shirt.

French cuff dress shirts offer unlimited options for a stagnant work wardrobe, as well as a unique accent for a casual lunch or a night at the club. As long as you know how to dress them, you can sport your french cuffs anywhere.

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