Alternative Masturbation Techniques – 7 Ways to Keep It Fresh

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There’s nothing quite like a vigorous and enthusiastic masturbation session when one’s erect penis is demanding satisfaction (especially if one has no partner available at the time). While some men are reluctant to admit it, most men are steady and regular masturbators; indeed, at some times, a man may masturbate so much that the process can become a little too routine. During such times, he may wish to investigate alternatives to the traditional “lie on the back and pump the fist” technique that is typically used. The following are some masturbation techniques a man may want to try to maintain his interest in self-gratification, as well as proper penis care during these sessions.

– The campfire. Even those who forewent the boy scouts experience are familiar with the concept of starting a fire by rubbing sticks together. The campfire technique of masturbation involves placing the palm of each hand on opposite sides of the erect penis, with the fingers pointing out stiffly, then rubbing one hand forward and one back, and vice-versa, over and over. The friction created can lead to an intense orgasm.

– Bag it. Take a small plastic sandwich bag and fill it with petroleum jelly. Tie the opening so that it closes partially, leaving just enough room for an erect penis to slip in and out of it. So armed, a man can choose to either lie down on his back (or sit or stand) and run the bag up and down his shaft or he can lie face down on the bed and simulate missionary position intercourse with the bag.

– Get dusty. A guy can take a (clean) feather duster (such as those used for dusting surfaces of tables, etc.) and let it roam all over his penis and balls. Alternating the lightness of the “dusting” can provide shudderingly thrilling sensations.

– Squat strokes. Guys often masturbate standing up or sitting or lying down; rarely does a man think to try squatting. Squatting can be hard on the knees, but for those with the proper strength and flexibility, stroking while squatting can produce an unbelievable orgasm.

– Shower squats. This is only recommended for those who have handles in the tub that they can hold to avoid slipping. Essentially, a man simply gets in the shower and strokes while squatting, as above; however, if he has a flexible and movable showerhead, he uses it to spray a jet of warm water on his equipment as he strokes.

– Icy fun. Adding ice into masturbation sessions can definitely alleviate any boredom with set routines. There are several ways in which to do this. One involves simply keeping a bowl of ice cubes nearby as a guy masturbates as he typically does; however, as he is just about to edge over into ejaculation, he thrusts his free hand into the ice cubes; the coldness on one hand and the hotness in the other makes for an interesting effect. Another variation (not for the faint of heart) involves taking the ice cubes and applying them to the balls as ejaculation nears.

– End it. Many men find that indulging in a little anal stimulation while masturbating can add a new sensation to the release. Whether using one finger or something along the lines of a dildo, guys just need to make sure plenty of lubricant is employed.

Using new masturbation techniques can help keep an erect penis enormously happy, but it’s important to also make sure it remains healthy. Masturbating can lead to soreness or rawness of the tool, so regularly applying a top-notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is strongly advised. Ideally the cream will include acetyl L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that is very helpful in restoring penis sensitivity; frequent masturbation may lead to a bit of “deadening,” and restoring sensation is essential. In addition, the cream needs to contain vitamin B5, which plays a key role in penis cell metabolism and successful maintenance of penis cells.

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