Advertising Pens Are Not Just For Special Promotions

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Distributing advertising pens is often limited to the usual tradition of presenting them as a gift for special occasions, giving them out during corporate-sponsored events, providing your employees with them and using them as a way to motivate and stimulate your team-leaders.

Of course, corporate traditions and tested mechanisms are highly appreciated in the world of business, and lots of careful chairmen would prefer to follow a proven technique, but who ever said that it is harmful to be original? To be brave, inspiring, inventive, witty and imaginative? No doubt, with this kind of attitude you will definitely catch the attention of your target group, and your refreshing image will remain in their memory.

There are so many ways to distribute your advertising pens without being banal and obtrusive. Of course, a pen is always useful and everybody will gladly accept it as a gift, it is practical and convenient, easy to carry and employ.

But promotional pens have been used as a part of business strategy for such a long period of time that sometimes you feel the urge to give freedom to your creativity and to bring some variety to the ordinary routine of branded merchandising. And here the multitude of designs, colours, shapes and materials of pens will help you as well as the number of occasions of presenting them.

For example, advertising pens can be turned into excellent seasonal gifts. A simple but elegant pen with green ink would make a nice present to celebrate the beginning of spring. After the long winter cold, people are happy to meet spring in all her pleasant moments, so let this happiness be associated with your gift as well.

A frequent reminder about springful feelings will imprint the logo of your company into the memory of all the recipients: potential clients, devoted employees, loyal partners, reliable suppliers, random visitors etc. Christmas time is a favourable time for original gifts as well: add the Christmas touch to your pen, and it will turn into a perfect gift as well: some red ribbons and perhaps a couple of tiny bells will make all the difference.

Advertising pens can be a part of some composite present as well. The vacations approaching? Make sure to give out these attractive pens to your employees a present as a sign of your appreciation and gratitude: a crossword puzzle book, sunglasses or cap, and of course a pen with the logo of your company on it. This set will be very useful at the beach, or during a long bus or train journey.

It will not only warm the heart of your employees, who will be eager to come back to work as soon as possible, but also will spread the word about your company far beyond the place you live in.

Advertising pens can be also sent in a parcels if you have to ship some gods to your customers: it will be a nice surprise for them to get a beautifully designed pen as a free addition to the things they ordered.

Try to experiment with colours and shapes: sometimes it is not necessary to stick to the traditional black or blue ink and typical pencil-like form of promotional pens.

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