Advantages and Disadvantages: Cheap Sunglasses Vs Designer Sunglasses

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Today, the rays from the sun bring much harm to our body especially to our eyes around 7 onwards in the morning. Have you not noticed that watching the sun directly with your eyes without any sunglasses or solbriller? It is painful and it can cause strain to our eyes which will lead to certain eye ailments.

It is of utmost importance that everyone should wear something to protect their eyes. The reason is not because of being in trend or trying to go with the latest fashion. The major reason to wear sun protective glasses is to keep our eyes healthy and away from certain eye illnesses. Too much exposure of the eyes to the harmful rays of the sun can cause heavy eye damage. Sunglasses are the same with sun block lotion were its sole purpose is to block the UV rays.

Now common people think that buying designer sunglasses is the best choice while others buy cheap, even replicated sunglasses because they are much cheaper compared to designer sunglasses. The bottom line is that which sunglasses are having better protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Before jumping to conclusions, you must first bear in mind to which sunglasses are offering better protection or not.

You might wonder what UV rays are. They are rays from the sun that are harmful both to your eyes and skin. Just because you just faced the sun for the first time does not mean the effect of the rays will be felt then and there. The longer and how many times you have faced the UV rays will cause vision impairment, cataracts or macular degeneration.

You do not have to buy very expensive sunglasses for your eyes to be protected. There are other cheaper sunglasses you can buy which offers better protection.

Comparing cheap and designer sunglasses:

  • With cheap sunglasses, you can buy several styles the same amount you buy with designer glasses.
  • Cheap sunglasses, especially cheap replicated sunglasses do not last long as they are made from poor quality materials.
  • With Designer sunglasses, it offers better protection to your eyes
  • Designer sunglasses are cool and hip, which are a trend nowadays.
  • They have higher quality compared to cheap sunglasses.

Now just because the other one is very expensive compared to the other does not mean it offers better protection. Most sunglasses manufacturer put a sticker label on the glasses indicating how many percentage it can block UV rays. If the labeling displays block 99 percent UVB and 95 percent UVA then that is the right kind of sunglasses that will help protect your eyes. Always double check if the protection is clearly labeled on the sunglasses. If you do not see them or not sure, do not buy them because some sunglasses which do not offer these protection can double the harm it will bring to your eyes.

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