A Brand is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

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A brand is probably the most valuable asset that belongs to a company and these days, businesses are trying to get their name or logo on to as many useful, quirky or memorable items as possible in an effort to build their brands and raise awareness of their product or service.

The days of being limited to a company t-shirt, keying or branded pen sporting your company name or logo have long since passed. Nowadays, there is a full spectrum of promotional products that companies are using to get their name out to the masses; from the fairly mundane, to the downright wacky.

Take the promotional weather station for example – yes, you read right, it is now possible to buy various weather station devices that are branded with your company’s name. Such promotional products are designed to sit on clients’ (or potential clients’) desks, disseminating meteorological data such as the humidity, temperature and a short term weather forecast whilst reminding you of how great “Company X” are.

But not everyone would be enthralled by the idea of being able to know the exact air humidity at any particular time. Perhaps you’re looking to promote your brand to a younger clientele, in which case you’ll need something a little more fun than a weather station. Many companies use branded sporting equipment such as basketballs, Frisbees and even boomerangs! Or how about making some noise with your brand using a promotional football rattle or whistle?

Those companies who are really keen to impress are taking advantage of branded electronic gadgets. At one end of the price spectrum you have items such USB memory sticks, radios, calculators and torches, on the other end of the scale you have more expensive items such as MP3 players, speaker sets and even DVD players – products which most people would be very happy to receive.

Companies are also using seasonal holidays to help with their marketing. For example, many companies make promotional Christmas gifts [ which they give to their staff, clients and prospective customers, as a little reminder or their company. Favourite corporate Christmas gifts include company branded tools, penknives, flasks, binoculars, travel accessories and the corporate classic – pens (high quality parker pens of course!).

Using promotional items is a very effective way of brand building, and it’s no wonder that many business are taking advantage of the development in technology which allow short runs of branding merchandise to be produced at a reasonably low price. From coasters to cooler bags, wallets to weather stations, maybe it’s time to join the branding revolution and get your name out there too!

write by Sarah Rounsville

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