8 Great Gift Ideas for Leo Women

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If you’re one of those people who love to give gifts based on a person’s sun sign, you probably will do well with the Leo woman. Leos are usually happy about their sun sign, like to talk about it, and know quite a bit about their astronomical pros and cons. Chances are, they’ll already know their stone, color, planet, etc, so buying her something that coordinates that sends the message that you care in a personal way.

1. The Leo represents a lion, so a gift featuring a lion is often well received. Perhaps a beautiful painting, watch with a lion face, or something unique like lion earrings are all great ideas. You don’t want to do anything with kitsch, though, as Leo women like class and can see through something cheap and won’t thank you for it.

2. The ruling planet of Leo is the sun. This not only tells you a lot about their personality, but gives an idea of good gifts as well. A sun pendant or broach is original and gives credit to their planet at the same time. Gold is a big favorite, of course, but as long as it doesn’t look cheap, you can get away with something a little less expensive.

3. In general, you can’t go wrong with giving women jewelry, and Leo ladies are no different. Their birthstone is ruby; anything with this stone will go over well-earrings, a broach, necklace with a pendant, ring, or bracelet all can carry a ruby and show class and sophistication.

4. Go for décor items that feature the lion or the sun. A throw rug, sheets, picture frames, and other classy items that feature their sign are often welcome as the Leo does like to flaunt her sign. Again, it needs to be classy, not kitschy, as you will know if you messed up-Leo ladies are not known to be tactful about things they don’t like.

5. Get something custom-made. Female Leos revel in the thought that you were thinking of them specifically. Knowing that you planned something just for her will rock her world, especially if it is something she had been hinting at, something that she liked or wanted. Make a bracelet featuring her favorite items, maybe a lion, sun, and sunflower featured as well.

6. Leos like things big and flashy, so how about an over sized purse or a big beaded necklace? You need to know her style, but in general, bigger and classier is better-keep in mind that gaudy is not appreciated.

7. Leos like to show off their sign in other ways as well. You can get Leo cups or glasses, oven mitts with sayings like, “the best!” or tiles extolling the virtues of the Leo woman which are natural winners.

8. Gift vouchers or tickets to concerts, art exhibitions, or a play would go over well as those cater to the artsy side of the Leo woman. She loves beautiful art, so make sure you know which one to gift her. Many Leo ladies love music and dancing, so going someplace where they can be creative that way goes over well.

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