7 Kids Cooking Party Theme Ideas That Ensure Unforgettable Fun!

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Have you ever noticed that a lot of kids birthday parties are centered more around the decorations and activities, and less on the actual theme and food? Yet, as we continue to experiment with our kids cooking party ideas, we are convinced that the food should be the main focus! Want to plan a party that is jam-packed with lots of fun? Try one of these kids cooking party themes.

Theme #1: Pizza Pizzazz Party!

What kid doesn’t like pizza, especially if he gets to make his own. Ahead of time, prepare small bowls, each containing a different topping (i.e. pepperoni, cheese, onions, garlic, etc.) Have each kid make his own individual pizza! The kids will have fun rolling out the dough and choosing toppings. As an appetizer, you could serve a veggie pizza. For dessert, how about a fruit pizza with a chocolate chip cookie crust?

Theme #2: Chillin’ Ice Cream Party!

Regardless of the season, ice cream is always a big hit–My son would eat it every day if I would let him. During the colder months, have the kids fix their own ice cream sundaes. Provide a variety of ice creams and toppings, and don’t forget the bananas and cherries. Have the kids be creative in making and naming their sundae creations. Provide a prize for the best sundae. During the warmer months, go outdoors and make ice cream. Use a recipe for a basic vanilla ice cream and have lots of yummy ingredients that can be added (i.e. strawberries, nuts, pineapple, caramel).

Have some outdoor games planned too–water balloons, a small swimming pool and a sprinkler are great for keeping the kids occupied while everyone takes turns monitoring the ice cream’s hardening progress. Oh yeah, be sure to take lost of pictures.

Theme #3: Sweet Attitude Party!

Mmmm….cookies and muffins–some of our favorite kids party foods and super simple to do. For the muffins, mix up the batter ahead of time. Give each kid six cupcake paper liners of the same color. Use a different color for each guest. Provide a bunch of fun choices to be added to the batter (i.e. blueberries, raisins, chocolate, etc.).

Sugar cookies are a great option as well and kids love making ’em. They get to help roll out the dough and then select their cookie cutters. Make sure to have lots of different color icings, sprinkles and tiny candies to decorate with so the kids can personalize their creations.

Also, be sure to have some healthy snacks available so sugar overload is kept to a minimum. Encourage the kids to eat one or two of their creations and to take the rest home.

Theme #4: Summer Sensation Party!

Summer is a great time for a party, especially for our fish theme party! Besides having cool fish invitations and decorations, think fish food–well, fish-shaped at least. You can serve fish crackers, fish-shaped chicken, cookies shaped as fish, and a cake that looks like a fish tank with lots of fish swimming around. You and your guests can also whip up some of your very own baked fish sticks with a side of watermelon salad. For a fun drink, make ice cubes with a sweedish fish frozen in the center of each cube and serve with blueberry punch mixed with ginger ale to create the perfect blue water for your fish.

Theme #5: Super Star Sleepover!

One of my daughter’s favorite kids cooking party theme ideas is girls’ movie night. Invite a few girlfriends over dressed as their favorite movie star or TV character. If possible, have a red carpet square, and take a photo of each “star” striking their favorite pose. Since popcorn is a must for movies, have the girls make a variety of popcorn toppings (i.e. chocolate, cheddar, garlic and herb). You and your guests can also put your own star-worthy assortment of hors d’oeuvres to ensure decadent snacking during the viewing. To give you party an out-of -this-world feel, purchase glow in the dark star stickers and adhere the stickers to cardboard and hang them from the ceiling–you’re little stars will love it!

Of course every star will need to receive a special party favor. Purchase gift bags that are in the shape of pocketbooks and personalized the bags by writing names with glitter glue. Fill each pocketbook with cool super star sunglasses, a boa, hand mirror, a necklace, gold chocolate coins and fake make-up. The girls will remember this star treatment for a long time.

Theme #6: Princess Tea Party!

Awww! Every little girl loves dressing up and pretending to be like mom! Encourage the girls to bring “dress up” clothes for the tea party–boas, high heels, jewelry, hats, and gloves–and have some extra items on hand for anyone to borrow. Plan a tea party menu your guests can help prepare, like petite sandwiches and a fun punch for tea. Once the food is ready, let the guests get dressed-up before they partake of their scrumptious treats. You can even have some demonstrations on how to: use a napkin properly, hold a tea cup, and sit upright. They’ll love it!

Theme #7: Enchanted Evening Event!

Kids enjoy having the opportunity to do kind things for other people–why not reach out to your elderly neighbors who live alone? Invite a couple of neighborhood kids over for a pre-planning session to determine who should receive invitations and what the meal will be. Also, have the kids write questions that they would like to know about their neighbors (i.e. What did you do for fun at my age?) You might want ask the kids to go grocery shopping with you. On the day of the special event, have the kids arrive early to fix the meal. Make sure kids are given assignments that are appropriate for their age or skills. As the dinner is cooking, the kids can set the table with good china, cloth napkins, candles, etc. The kids then should change into nice clothes. As the elderly guests arrive, the kids can greet, seat and serve them. When dessert time rolls around, the kids can ask their questions. This evening will be of encouragement to young and old alike.

So which theme do you think you’ll start with? Ice cream? Summer fun? Don’t forget to make the event extra special with the perfect kids party favor for each guest, decorations that make the room sparkle and fun games to keep everyone having fun. It’s bound to be an unforgettable event!

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