6 Handy Tips For a Fun-Filled Trip to Belize

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Belize is an ideal holiday destination for those desiring an adventure vacation, just as it is a peaceful, relaxing getaway in a tropical paradise for people looking for a serene, quiet vacation. But before planning a trip to Belize, it is important to do some thorough research about Belize’s in-depth history, culture, climatic conditions, and its geography.

You can also seek the assistance of reputed travel agencies that know Belize inside out to plan your trip to the Interior or the sun drenched islands of Belize.

1. Entry Requirements

A passport is required for traveling to Belize. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the duration of your intended stay in the country.

Citizens of the United States, Canada, and most European countries are not required to have a Visa upon entry. A 30-day entry visa is granted upon arrival to tourists. If more time is needed, the Visa can be extended at any Immigration Office for a fee of US$25.

2. Safety

Belize is a peaceful country with friendly people. However, as is the case with all countries, there are some essential safeguards tourists need to adhere to. Under no circumstances associate with anyone who is trying to introduce you to drugs. This rule applies to every country and tourist destination and Belize is no different.

As a general rule, you will be as safe in Belize as you are at home. Just as one typically keeps away from unfamiliar remote areas at night even at home, use the same precautions in Belize as well. This is plain and simple common sense. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the jungle or the islands of Belize by exercising sound safety principles.

3. Health

There are no immunizations or medication required for Belize. Belize is in the tropics and thus has tropical diseases such as malaria. However, it is rare that visitors to Belize are infected. If you have any particular health concern, see your doctor who can prescribe preventive medication before you travel to Belize.

Belize has health clinics throughout which offer a good degree of care in case you happen to fall ill. However, acute illness will most likely result in transport to the U.S. for care.

As is the case with all the tropical areas, Belize has insects that can become annoying. It is best that you prepare for your trip by bringing some insect repellents and lotion to prevent itching.

Normally, more mosquitoes are encountered in the islands and lower coastal areas than in the interior. Nonetheless, this preparation will insure your Belize vacation in the islands or interior is relatively pest free.

Also, be sure to bring an adequate supply of medication that you normally use. It could be difficult finding the exact medication your doctor had prescribed if you run out.

4. Currency

US$ cash is accepted everywhere in Belize but while traveling avoid displaying large amounts. Use a money belt or pouch that can be worn under your clothing for carrying cash.. Almost all ATM’s accept foreign credit cards if they display a Visa Logo or other notable card logos. Also, Traveler’s Cheques can be easily exchanged here. The local banks exchange only American, Canadian Dollars and British Sterling.

Do not bring large bills for cash. Few merchants have the ability to provide large amounts of change when you are shopping in Belize. A balance of a reasonable amount of cash or Traveler’s Checks with a credit card will work well.

5. Clothing

Bring clothes of lightweight fabrics, preferably cotton. Clothes should be loose and comfortable to wear. Keep long chinos, khaki pants, short sleeved shirts, hiking shoes and shoes for jungle walks. Also bring swimsuits, windbreakers and one pair of light sandals. Ladies can bring a large shawl to use it as a sarong over a swimsuit.

6. Things to Bring

Bring your own camera and extra batteries as they can be expensive. . If a Belize jungle tour or a visit to the beautiful cayes (islands) of Belize are on your itinerary don’t forget to carry binoculars to fully enjoy your trip.

Also bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent and a small flashlight. A lightweight fold-up poncho can be very helpful as you never know when it might rain in Belize, especially in the rainforests. While packing, keep all the necessary medications handy for the duration of your stay. Avoid bringing perfumes and heavily-scented toiletries as they attract mosquitoes and other insects.

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