3 Quick Tips on How to Spot a Fake Juicy Couture Handbag

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  • Stitching: Always pay close attention to the “stitches per inch.” This is generally a universal tell, relevant for all handbag inspection, and especially Juicy Couture handbags. Take a look at how may stitches there are within a single inch of a real Juicy C, and keep a note of that number. Because often times a fake handbag will have less stitches per inch than an authentic bag. This is due to the sloppy manufacturing in the counterfeit factories, the speed in which they hustle the fake bags out, and the cheapness of their materials. It costs more money to put down more stitch than less, and it takes more time to be meticulous with the stitching when striving for quality. So to sum up, the fake handbags will generally have larger stitches, and therefore less stitches per inch of leather etc. So by having a good rule of thumb estimate on the stitches per inch for an authentic Juicy, when you encounter a suspicious bag, you can apply this quick test and see if it raises any red flags.
  • Hardware: Juicy C. handbag gold hardware, metal accents, snaps, buttons etc, should have an aged look-a matte type finish. Almost a copper look to the finish, whereas gold rings on a fake handbag will often times appear shiny and cheap. This is most evident the worse the fake is. But many of the mainstream, decent fakes will not have the hardware the correct finish, and this is something that can be easily overlooked. So take a look at the hardware on authentic Juicy bags and take note of the matte finish and use this when encountering a suspicious handbag.
  • Dustbags: Juicy leather bags are the only bags that will have a dustbag. The terry and velour bags do not come with a JC dustbag. The current JC dust bags should come in a shade of soft pink and baby blue, and in both medium and XL sizes. Beware of non-leather JC bags that claim to have dustbags.
  • A link below is provided below with more tips on spotting fake Juicy Couture and other top designer brands. Good luck and safe shopping!

write by rodriguez

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