10 Ways to Feel Like Grace Kelly, Or Really Worry Your Parents

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Are you tired of your boss taking you for granted, your dates standing you up, and your friends forgetting that you are alive? All that can be changed by putting a little screen goddess into your life. Grace Kelly was a stunning beauty, talented actress, fashionista, and princess, but why should she have all the fun? You, too, can share some of Grace Kelly’s glamour and mystique in just minutes a day. It’s all in the attitude. Impress your friends and astonish your relatives when you try out these 10 easy ways to make you feel like a 1950s screen icon. Or, make up your very own top 10 tips.

  1. Wear a tiara to work on casual Friday and pretend you don’t know what everybody is whispering about.
  2. Write in your online dating profile that your father has set aside a 2 million dollar dowry for your wedding day.
  3. Put your picture on a postage stamp and mail your bills with them.
  4. Start a rumor about yourself and Prince Harry.
  5. Wave from your hotel balcony, whether anyone waves back or not.
  6. Go clothes shopping at a boutique incognito and refuse to take off your sunglasses and scarf.
  7. Hum “Someday my prince will come” in all the elevators.
  8. Offer to sign autographs in your neighborhood coffee shop while waiting for your latte.
  9. Book a cruise on board Princess Grace’s honeymoon yacht and invite Jimmy Stewart
  10. Show up in a convertible and tell everyone you are taking a day trip through a windy, mountain road.

write by Viva

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