10 Libido Enhancing Foods That Will Turn You Into a Bedroom Rock Star

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When it comes to enhancing your experience in the bedroom, nothing can top the power of something we all like the most – food. Pun intended, the right foods can fuel your sexual appetite faster than any novelty or “As Seen On TV” device.

The trick is knowing which foods will turn you into a bedroom god or goddess, and why. Below, we’ll briefly tell you about ten common foods that will have you rocking your sweethearts world in no time at all. Have fun, but use your new powers wisely!

Top 10 Sexual Powerhouse Foods

1. Bananas – Surprised that it’s first? We weren’t either. Bananas pack a little thing called bromelain enzymes, B vitamins, and potassium, which are all powerful male libido enhancers. And the shape of a banana, well, need we say more?

2. Figs – And we’re not talking about Fig Newton’s. If you want to increase your overall stamina in the sack, pick up a bag of fresh figs and eat them before a big night. You’ll thank us later.

3. Oysters – We’re talking about the raw variety. Down a pound of these before a night in the bedroom, and she’ll be calling you “Captain” in no time at all. With the amount of sperm and testosterone pleasing zinc that oysters pack, you’ll be sailing her ship like a pro.

4. Pine Nuts – Another natural food that contains zinc, which is essential to boosting male potency, which you know will lead to a better night in the bedroom. Ladies, throw a few in his salad, and he’ll never know where his new found power came from.

5. Basil – This one is for the ladies. Sweet basil has been reported throughout the years to increase the female sex drive and make her think all kinds of dirty thoughts. Guys, use this wisely, because it also boosts fertility.

6. Avocado – This amazing fruit is a neutral crowd pleaser. It helps regulate the thyroid gland for the ladies (which means she’ll be more “in the mood”), and also contains plenty of potassium and B vitamins, which will have the guys wound up and ready to roll.

7. Celery – I’m sure you’ve heard stories about how male sweat attracts the ladies? It’s true, because of the hormone called androsterone in the sweat. Guess what else has crazy amounts of androsterone? Celery. Do the math.

8. Pumpkin Pie – Here’s one that you probably didn’t expect on the list…but yes, the sweet smell of pumpkin pie can actually arouse a lot of men. So ladies, if you’re not up for baking, just head over to Wal-Mart and pick up some good pumpkin pie room scent.

9. Salmon – The love fish. Salmon is jam packed with B vitamins, which as we’ve discussed, are essential for maintaining excellent sexual health.

10. Chili Peppers – Seriously, are you surprised? Chili peppers can get your nervous system tweaked out to the max, which can and will boost your feelings of super sexual arousal. Slip a few of these in your favorite hot dish, and you’ll both be raring to go after dinner – if you can wait that long.

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